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Thursday, August 23, 2001

So... I've landed a new job! Here's the thing - as I accepted my new job, I was offered the opportunity to potentially join yet another struggling technology infrastructure company. The fact that I EVEN contemplated and at one point convinced myself that this was a GREAT opportunity proved to me that GREED still lives in me... the job paid a hell of a lot more than my new gig but it would involve:

- long hours
- lots of travel
- high pressure meetings
- having to deal with a tech company that thinks it knows something no one else does - yea, sure, right-o!

Thank God that they reconsidered their offer at the last minute. So I wasted an afternoon talking with their CEO, several VP's and a very nice HR lady... I was going to join.. sign on the dot.com line, make my deal with the devil etc... But instead - I got a reprieve and a reality check. They said "We just can't move fast enough for your time table." Considering that I could have put my other job in jeopardy and that they couldn't sack up and make a decision, I think I got the best deal after all - more time with my girls. Cool!


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