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Monday, January 30, 2006

How Did I Miss This?

I saw Brian on Family guy do this little number and thought it was hysterical (my wife wanted to shoot the TV however). I can't believe I missed it when it flew around the 'net.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Schmucks Like the Rest of Us

I'm about to turn 36... feeling a bit old - but hanging on to my youth on a daily basis by playing video games, reading Narnia to my kids and generally acting like a num-nuts.

That said - there is one part of being young that I just can't capture - the anticipation and potential of being a Senior in High School, or someone who is about to graduate from college. This past Christmas break, I met 2 such young people who by all accounts, sound like they are on the verge of greatness. Private schools, huge grades, incredible internships, rich parents - the sky is the limit right?

I actually felt a bit jealous of them, almost able to envision their glorious future...

Then it hit me... once they graduate and start their adult lives - once they have to pay their own bills and deal with shitty bosses, boyfriend/girlfriends who want to get married, have kids and buy mini-vans - they will instantaneously turn into schmucks like the rest of us.

So true, so true. Welcome to the real world Mr. Anderson.