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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

True Names and The Semantic Web

Meez.com If you've read Vinge's short story/novella "True Names" you'll be familiar with online/offline identity management. I've managed to create quite a collection of public "persona's" on a variety of sites including myspace, linkedin, friendster, orkut, classmates, meez, reunion.com and have been thinking about ways to combine these into a single identity or collection of identities that I can more easily manage.

In addition to social networking sites, I've also got my own web site, blog, professional blog and my own flickr photo sharing site. I've most recently been looking at some very cool new functionality that Yahoo! 360 provides, along with Squidoo.

Continuing the mind numbing madness, I've also started using Del.icio.us to social bookmark concepts, sites and ideas that I want to remember and share. I of course have a Google account which gives me msirkin.googlepages.com, access to base.google.com and just today - access to Google analytics (formerly Urchin).

My God - where does it end!!!

After listening to a talk given by Tim Berners-Lee on the Semantic web in which he talked a lot about linking, URI's and data sharing, I guess I'm trying to figure out how this all applies in both my personal, and business life.

Managing all my personas, protecting my privacy and extending my network all should contribute to my life, but I'm not yet sure how.

OMG Video of the Day

My friend Ray forwarded this to me. This has to be one of the funniest videos I've ever seen. If you are like me, after watching this you'll want your chance to travel to Rio and teach women how to say "biting" while eating some fresh carrots. This is unreal. Enjoy.

The bonus is that Arnold is the host.

Monday, April 03, 2006

It's Opening Day

Hope springs eternal - and as a Yankees fan... time for another romp through the AL East... this is going to be a great season. Go Yanks!

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