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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wayfaring - Way cool!

Very slick new site called Wayfaring let's you create all sorts of neat maps. Check out where I've lived (so far...)

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Back from Ireland!

I love Ireland... especially really old castles and Guiness Beer. I'll take 1 toasted special please!

The Connor Pass on our way to Dingle

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Smart Pop Books

I saw an ad in Sci-Fi magazine last night and looked up this site - I can't wait to read some of this stuff!

What is Smart Pop? (from the site)

What happens when you get great writers to write about the most interesting movies, books and television series? What happens when some of the world’s smartest philosophers, scientists, psychologists and religious scholars are asked to write – in clear English - about pop culture? What happens when really smart writers take television and movies seriously … but not too seriously?

What happens is Smart Pop … a series of anthologies on the best of pop culture. Anthologies that are smart, thoughtful and insightful … but never forget to have fun.

I haven't read their free downloads yet, but grab em while they are hot!

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Marc Sux @ Golf