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Friday, April 27, 2007

Mr Mom "Scorecard" [Day 4 April 25, 2007, Thursday]

The week is almost over. I am going to make it! As I was taking the kids down to the bus this morning, I asked them if I've done a good job.

It wasn't all good but they may have been busting my chops (I deserve it, I bust their chops every chance I get).

Given their not so stellar review, I thought that I'd rate myself on a series of key categories to see how I've done.

Waking up, brushing teeth and eating breakfast:
4 out of 5.
Totally forgot to wash Syd's face this AM and noticed it as I was saying goodbye to her at the bus stop. Bits of chocolate donut on her face, very cool.

Following mom's instructions:
5 out of 5.
Followed them perfectly. When Julia accused me of not following the instructions when I didn't pack her lunch on Thursday, I suddenly became F. Lee Baily and showed her PROOF. In yer face kid.

Dinner, homework and showers:
6 out of 5.
Despite them not liking dinner 2 nights (I made them eat some anyway), dinner worked out well. Showers went surprisingly well also - they are old enough that I just turn on the water and walk away. Bonus point for making cookies twice - the second time we put the hot cookies in a bowl and made sundaes. That's niiiiice.

Keeping the house clean:
2 out of 5.
I did remember to turn on the roomba in the kitchen. It's a damn mess everywhere else.

The final score:
17 out of a possible 20 isn't too bad!



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