Monday, April 24, 2006

Change the World

I found this post on Boing Boing: "Invisible Children is a non-profit that has been fighting to end a horrifying 20 year war in Northern Uganda. They've organized a national protest event for April 29th. They just released this insane & amazing music video to help promote the event. Definitely worth checking out and definitely an organization worth supporting."

The video is a cross between Napoleon Dynamite and High School Musical, and maybe a little Fame tossed in for good measure... I think this video (whether you like it or not personally) is a good example of a NPO really going for it by trying to focus on a specific set of constituents and having some fun. I'm also guessing that this video is off the wall and campy in a way that I'm too old to fully appreciate.

April 29th is soon - check out the video and help change the world.

Watch the Video Here

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