Monday, May 08, 2006

CEO Exchange

If you haven't already discovered CEO Exchange - a terrific PBS show (and podcast!), you should plan to watch or listen as soon as possible. I downloaded all the currently available podcasts and listened to episode 401 with Blake W. Nordstrom, President, Nordstrom, Inc. and Jim Donald, President and CEO, Starbucks Coffee Company this morning driving into work.

This show is like having the best CEO's in your ear, telling you how they run their businesses, what to look out for and what they are focused on. For example, Jim Donald comes in every morning and makes calls to a bunch of stores to check in and say hello... every morning.

I'm not a CEO (yet!), but I hope I remember some of what I'm listening to on this show - I wonder many NPO CEO's come in every day and call 3 or 4 chapters to check in - and do it every day as part of their routine?

Here's the Podcast link if you are interested.

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