Thursday, May 04, 2006

Nonprofit Blog Exchange - Round 3 - Have Fun Do Good

This is my first Nonprofit Blog Exchange - and one of two blogs that I'll be posting about. First up is Britt Bravo's Have Fun Do Good blog. Her mission (I found it on her very first post) is to compile examples of the integration of service and joy.

The blog features what Britt calls the "Big Vision Podcast" - a series of interviews with NPO execs trying to affect positive change. To be honest, I listened to 1 interview which I thought was terrific and I hope to listen to several more when I find some time.

Given that my organization (The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society) has just started playing around with podcasting by repurposing existing teleconference audio, I was especially interested to listen to some of the interviews and to read her post about the 7 Ways NPO's can use podcasting.

The list provided is very smart and interesting to read - we're not yet ready to commit to creating any unique content for podcasts but it is very encouraging to see other NPOs jumping in though.

Britt uses Blogger (just like this blog) and does something very smart by tagging each post with links to technorati - I'll have to look into that myself!

I've subscribed to Have Fun Do Good through Bloglines (hey, she has more subscribers than me!) and look forward to reading and listening to a lot more from Britt.

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