Thursday, May 04, 2006

Opt-in Nuttiness

We recently did something that most marketers only read about in case studies... we made our entire list opt back into our e-mail newsletters - and those that didn't were dropped from our lists. We also recently introduced double opt-in for new subscribers - and that's made a difference as well - our list quality is way up and that's good. Even if our lists are a lot smaller.

The results are astounding and stunning...

I have a lot to say about this, but will encapsulate my thinking as a top 10 list on why every NPO marketer should do this immediately:

10. It's controversial to lose more than 50% of our list size - but worth it- and worth talking about
9. Spam complaints have dropped dramatically
8. Our email vendor (ExactTarget) thinks what we're doing is great and wants a case study from us
7. Allows us to effectively benchmark our lists and provide solid guidance to our chapters
6. Renewed list excitement
5. Cleaned up old and duplicate email addresses that were ruining our delivery and click rates
4. Our lists are now chock full of folks who WANT TO HEAR FROM US!
3. Deliverability rates went from 80% to over 98%+ - wow!
2. Click rates went from 1-2% on average to anywhere from 15-30%
1. Our open rates are up over 50% on average from less than 20%

P.S. My blog as been Getting Attention (because I'm so punny I think) lately - thanks for the post!

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