Friday, May 19, 2006

Tagging and Yahoo

Apparently Tagging is a hot topic... I've even gotten a few comments and emails about my previous post.

I found this article last night while surfing around which talks about what's next for Yahoo! and has some info about how they view tagging...

"While search is currently focused on indexing and retrieving Web documents, the future of the market lies on tapping the knowledge and information that people possess and that isn't found on Web pages, Weiner said.

"As valuable and essential as Web search is to all of us today, we're in the threshold of another shift," he said. "There are billions of people on the planet that possess in theory trillions of knowledge artifacts. How do we start to get at that knowledge?"

The answer is in social bookmarking, such as Yahoo's service, which lets users save, share and annotate Web page links, in social media sites, such as Yahoo's Flickr, where users can store, label and share photos, and in search engines that let users participate in solving queries, such as Yahoo Answers, where users can post and answer each other's questions, he said."

They are asking the same question as I did about how do we create something bigger and more valuable. They are also going down the same path in their thinking about tagging (social bookmarking) but unless they have something up their sleeve in terms of a uniquely designed UI, I think that the result will be a "fishing pool full of tag goo."

I'm even less certain than I was before my earlier post about tagging!

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