Thursday, May 04, 2006

WOM and Non-Profits

I need to get cracking on my presentation...

WOM and Non-Profits
May 10, 2006, Noon EST
$50 non-members, $10 members

Word of mouth isn’t just for big companies and well-known brand names. The non-profit sector can use word of mouth just as effectively for their own cause. Learn from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society on how to use the best tools that accelerate WOM. Then listen to an informative case study from the Prostate Net on the use of offline, real world WOM with local community barbers. This seminar will show you how to:

  • Use grassroots methods to build WOM
  • Get to know your community and work with the message
  • Track and measure what people are saying – both online and offline

Featured Speakers:

Marc Sirkin, VP, eMarketing, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Virgil Simons, President, The Prostate Net

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