Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tagging - Oh Yea, Now I Remember!

It took me a while (I'm slow) and a some downtime in the office to have a minute to clean up my desk but I finally remembered one of the original reasons I started messing around with tagging: Seth Godin's Flipping the Funnel e-book for non-profits.

The final piece of the tagging puzzle for me is TRAFFIC. I think that tags are an important tool to use because if all your content is tagged by multiple people on all the different tag services, Google will index you higher and higher!

I knew there was a missing piece to the puzzle - and with this reminder from the e-book, it finally feels right.

Try to get your constituents to tag all your content - the resulting mesh of links to your content from multiple sources will improve your search rankings. Improved search rankings (more traffic) is a good enough reason for me to continue to use tags, and to encourage our donors, participants, patients and caregivers to tag as well. Now if I can just figure out a way to explain tagging to non-techies I'll be all set.

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