Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Myspace Marketing Concepts

I've been thinking hard about how to continue to use myspace to help market our Team In Training program lately - and have spent some time trolling around and watching how movies, comedians and others have been using Myspace to market their ideas and products.

Our TNT profile a few days ago had 299 users (growing steadily)... I asked my marketing manager to let me know as soon as we got to #300 which happened earlier today. We've created a funny card for her, congratulating her (#300 on myspace, #1 in our hearts, that sort of cheese) and we're sending her some random LLS schwag. I think next time, we'll select a completely random number (#521!) and do the same thing. I'm hoping she blogs about her "gift" and it starts to build some excitement within our "friends" on myspace.

The next strategy builds on what several film profiles have done to build brand awareness... we're going to be asking our friend list put us in their "Top 8" and we'll randomly select a winner each month who will get yet more random LLS schwag.

I'm pretty excited about implementing these strategies within myspace and seeing what happens next...

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