Thursday, September 28, 2006

Games for Health Conference - Day 1

I'm in Baltimore for the Games for Health conference - trying to answer questions in my mind about how LLS should/could/will be a part of the game scene. Coming off my recent attendance of Serious Games (see blog posts), I've not given up my quest to better understand how a major non-profit can fit in what seems to be a quickly emerging and legitimate market. I heard a bunch of very smart people talk about how games can improve prevention and outcomes for all sorts of scenarios including:
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • EMS and surgery
  • Obesity
  • Military: On-ship Naval health/Special Ops training
  • more (much, much more)
I have one big issue:

How do I position games/interactive media to senior executives who aren't gamers and who need serious convincing that games are in fact a way to achieve our strategic outcomes.

My strategy is still formulating, but the idea of an executive briefing is one of my favorites... bringing in experts that can show us the "art of the possible" and the state of the art in health games would I think, bring serious excitement to the topic.

The people I've met here keep asking me why I'm at this conference (I heard rumors that ACS is around somewhere as well) and my answer is simple... LLS is interested in affecting patient efficacy, self-management, outcomes and survivorship - all things that can be affected by games!

I'm going to keep talking to anyone/everyone about this, because I can smell something big here...

Here's my initial attempts to categorize the different opportunities games present:
  • Patient efficacy and outcomes (simulations)
  • Marketing awareness (viral games)
  • Training (collaborative, multiplayer, virtual world training for events, training, fundraising training)
  • Meetings (avatar driven virtual style presentations for board meetings, training meetings etc)
It is worth noting that the organizers have done a wonderful job bringing solid speakers and sponsors together for what is a turning out to be a great conference.

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