Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Bit More On (Red)

(Red) Campaign - San Fran
I snapped this photo on a San Francisco side street shortly after reading some additional blog posts and comments on this blog about (Red).

This (Red) thing is keeping me up at night. In my last post, one of the comments triggered some additional thoughts around how Bono is tying the ONE campaign together with (Red). Taken as a complete thought, it makes a lot of sense to me.

ONE is all about raising the disucssion, the awareness and mobilizing people to care (yay!). (Red) is all about leveraging dollars towards a specific outcome... life saving drugs.

I'm coming around quickly here... it's is however, interesting to note that the ONE site doesn't really present (Red) at all - while the U2 site does.

Bono is my favorite singer and U2 my favorite band of all time - I do not intend to pick on them in anyway - I just wonder if Bono himself (and everyone at ONE and (Red) are still working this all out. I did get an email message from ONE just today, and sure enough it mentioned (Red) was launched this week. I need to blog about their email marketing, the guys at ONE are pretty good moving the conversation to a new level:

At 689 House Parties in all 50 states, over 6,000 ONE members gathered around speakerphones to call candidates and elected officials.

More comments please!

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