Thursday, October 19, 2006

Book Notes: Word of Mouth Marketing

Because I'm a member of WOMMA, I got an advance review copy of Andy Sernovitz's book "Word of Mouth Marketing" a few days ago. Andy's a great guy who is well connected, well-spoken and has some terrific ideas about WOM marketing.

This book is super easy to read. Much like his recommendations, Andy's writing style is conversational and authentic. The book is chock full of both simple and not so simple WOM concepts, but mostly stuff you can implement right away. He fights against making this book a technical "how-to" and tries to keep it at a fairly high level - and does a pretty good job of it. I think if you are new to WOM marketing, this book will really open your eyes!

We've been applying a lot of tactical WOM things lately including Youtube, Myspace (TNT, Hike, LLS), Million Pixels and a bunch of other stuff including tell a friend links, solid email marketing tactics and audio podcasts on iTunes.

I've been thinking lately however, about how to structure an ENTIRE campaign around WOM. Andy points out how The Prostate Net reached out the 50,000 barbers around the country to drive awareness and results. We have a need to reach more patients - but we need massive penetration in order to achieve our stretch targets of reaching the majority of newly diagnosed blood cancer patients. Constructing a WOM campaign to reach out to caregivers, nurses, doctors and hospitals could be just the ticket. Buying ads in trade magazines just doesn't cut it anymore.

The book also includes a foreward by Seth Godin and an afterword by Guy Kawasaki (Guy wrote my favorite biz book ever - Rules for Revolutionaries).

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