Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ted Talks: Bono

Recorded in February 2005, Bono's talk is amazingly inspiring and emotional.

He talked about his TEDPrize wishes:
  • Challenge the TED community to help build a social movement of more than one million American activists for Africa
  • Tell people one billion times about the ONE campaign through media exposure
  • To connect every hospital, health clinic, and school in one African country, Ethiopia, to the Internet.
I was curious about how these wishes worked out and found a link on the TED site. The man gets stuff done. I've been semi-critical and questioned (Red) on this blog, but I do believe I'm starting to see the bigger picture of Bono's strategy with DATA, One and (Red).

If you haven't yet discovered TED talks and the TED blog... you are missing out!

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