Monday, November 13, 2006

What's Your NPS?

After my first post about NPS I decided to experiment on two recent surveys and to see what kind of results we'd get. I embedded "The Ultimate Question" into a larger survey and have started to analyze results. They are what I expected, but it's an extremely interesting concept that needs further exploring.

Here's a summary table of the information:

Event 1 Overall 22%
Event 1 Part of a team 47%
Event 1 Individual 33%
Event 1 Team captain 66%
Event 1 Not a team captain 30%

Event 2 overall 67%

As I would have guessed, folks participating on a team had a higher NPS. This supports a core theory that these events are better when you are part of a organization who is participating as a group. It also might show that event 2, which is a non-walk event has a more engaging experience for its participants, resulting in a significantly higher NPS score.

  • I'm a bit of a numbers nut
  • I mixed the question in with a bunch of others (the recommended approach is to only ask the 1 core question)
For more info, check out the official NPS page.

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