Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Graphic Designer Position

Are you a graphic designer? Do you know one? If so, this post is for you!

I'm excited to post that I'm hiring a full-time senior level graphic designer here at International Rescue Committee. Before you get too excited, see my non-HR approved job info below.

Please consider contacting me immediately if...
  • You have lots of experience (noobs need not apply for this gig) because...
  • You like working on a huge variety of things from print brochures and marketing materials to web sites, microsites, flash pieces and a plethora of other web goodness which means...
  • You are very flexible, and not just with Down Dog. If you don't know the difference between GIF and JPEG and have no web experience you should not apply.
  • However... please do apply if you've been trained in print production but have been working on the web for the past few years.
  • You are in NYC (we're across the street from Grand Central for an easy commute)
  • You are interested in saving the world in your own little way.
The rest is just details that I can talk to you about later. Please contact me directly to start the proceedings at marc.sirkin (at) theirc.org. When you contact me, please send links to your web site or examples of your work, your blog, and your myspace page (I'll be googling you anyway, might as well get it over with off the bat and save me a few minutes).


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