Friday, June 15, 2007

How Do You Prioritize?

I'm so slammed, I can't even find time to blog. I worked from home yesterday and spent much of the day simply going through lists and digging up e-mails in an attempt to figure out what I SHOULD be focusing and working on.

I made the list a few different ways and finally settled on a pretty good system (I think what I came up with is close to Covey's quadrants, but I can't find my copy of the book, and too busy to look for it).

I made 4 quadrants labeled:

A: Urgent/On Fire
B: Important/High Impact (this is the key area to my success, right Mr. Covey?)
C: Delegate
D: Defer

Surprisingly, the Urgent list wasn't as large as I thought it might be - and the High Impact was chock full of amazing opportunities. I took a moment to circle those 4 or 5 that really stood out - that demanded my attention either because it was on fire (and about to burn me), or because it would have a dramatic impact.

This seemed to work! I now have a list of 2 "A+" items, and a managable handful of "A's". Whew.

Back to work.

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