Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Telecommuting and Managing Teams Remotely

Is there anyone out there who manages a team remotely?

What systems do you use to stay in touch? How do you keep momentum around projects, new ideas, brainstorming?

Long term, how do you develop strategic solutions and collaborate effectively?

Since our office has been closed because of the steam pipe explosion in NYC, we've all been working remotely, getting together just once a week. It's not too horrible personally - no commute, ability to see kids, have breakfast at a table etc. Professionally though, I'm feel like I'm struggling, even after a week.

While this will be over for us shortly (they are saying we'll be back at the office this week), I'm now curious as a manager what's what on this topic.

I know someone out there is managing a team of marketers remotely, but the question is are they reading my blog?


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