Monday, July 23, 2007

What Happens When?

Since last week when the steam pipe in NYC blew, our building has been closed. First the building had no access, then we learned that the phone system went down. We updated the web page and tried to get some work done from home.

This weekend, e-mail went down because the a/c shut down and the server room overheated. We do have emergency e-mail thank god, but it's not easy getting things done.

We're so dependant on technology it's scary. I'm no luddite, but what does happen when?

Personally, I realized that I also need a personal contingency plan - a place to stay in NYC in case I can't get out of town, and some stashed cash in case I can't find an ATM with power. The joys of living in a technology driven world never cease to amaze me.


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