Saturday, November 17, 2007

Africa... Here I Come

I'll be traveling with the IRC to Africa for two weeks starting just after Thanksgiving. I'm traveling with our CTO, David Goodman and depending on access, we'll be blogging and twittering away. I'll post much right on this special blog I set up and on twitter. Because we'll only be able to send SMS messages for a large portion of the trip twitter might be a better way to follow us.

Our agenda right now includes a visit to an urban refugee program in Nairobi, a trip to Kakuma near the Sudan border, a visit to Addis Ababa and a camp in eastern Ethiopia called Asbe Teferi.

I'm packing a flip video camera and a Nikon digi-cam, along with my laptop. Dave has a GPS and we'll be experimenting with coding photos with lat/long info and posting to flickr/google maps etc.

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