Sunday, December 23, 2007

Who's Talkin?

Who is blogging, talking or reporting on successes and failures of using Google Adwords to drive donations to non-profit/charity web sites? Anyone?

I've tried this in years past with no success, and am yet again seeing very little traffic and horrible conversions.

It makes sense why it doesn't work to me, but I feel like a fly caught in a glass box - I keep banging my head against the walls thinking that this time something will change.

Nothing has changed, there is no yield.

A few possible reasons, one more obvious than the next:
  • Are there really donors out there searching blindly for charities to give money to? Maybe there aren't any.
  • I can't drive enough traffic despite using some broader terms to drive any volume of clicks.
  • I might stink at writing Google ad words.
  • It turns out that converting new donors via search terms isn't quite like converting folks in the mail
  • I haven't optimized landing pages enough (hey, this could be one of my problems!)
I had high hopes this year, but clearly still haven't figured this one out. Has anyone?

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