Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Twitter, JJ Abrams and CC Chapman

Turns out Twitter is valuable (and fun). I'm following marketer, blogger and photographer CC Chapman (Managing the Gray & The Advance Guard) who tweeted today about a recent TED talk featuring JJ Abrams. Given how far behind on watching TED talks I am, this helped me jump right to something that I really wanted to see.

JJ talks about creativity and gives an really impressive talk. The talk centered about "mystery boxes" - new technologies, ideas and products that we have no clue as to how they work. JJ's grandfather used to show him how things work by opening them up - but I wonder how any of can make heads of tails about how Facebook, Second Life or even "mundane" applications like e-mail are going to affect our non-profits in the long run. You can de-construct with any certainty these new technologies and have to decide at some fundamental level to simply believe.

Watch the talk, it's very much worth the 18:02. Hey! I wonder if the 18 minutes is a clue on Lost?

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