Sunday, February 11, 2007

The IRC in Second Life

Yes, I'm a bit schizo regarding Second Life - but there is no doubting that there is something interesting going on which needs to be explored...

And so with huge thanks to the folks at Better World Island and Riversong Garden, the IRC has it's first ever presence in Second Life as part of the NMConnect Media Arts Symposium. At the last possible minute, space was made available to us and Riversong was able to get an installation up and running. The artwork is actually from a trade show display being shown this week in Las Vegas at the Project show.

If you are a Second Life user, you can visit the installation (this is a SLURL link that will launch Second Life directly.

I made a very short video (pass it around after making some comments please):

You can also check out pics on Flickr.

IRC in SecondLife

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