Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Interesting Katrina Numbers

Came across some interesting numbers here:

National Giving Statistics for Hurricane Relief

To Date (Katrina):
$1.8 billion (as of 10/7 from the Center for Philanthropy at Indianan Univ.)

Foundations: $104,800,000 (81 total)
Corporations: $334,280,000 (242 corporations)
In-kind: $184,209,000 (105 corporations)
Individuals $1.2 million

Tsunami 2004 - $1.3 billion
September 11, 2001 - $501 million

What exactly is this telling us? Did the mass and Internet media have a bigger impact on driving donations or is there something else afoot?

We're wondering what this means for our fall fundraisers (Light The Light) as it relates both to overall fundraising, but for average gifts and per participant raised. The info isn't in yet but it will be interesting!

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