Friday, January 20, 2006


When I saw the Yahoo announcement about "RSS Everywhere" - I instinctively knew it was time to get serious about utilizing RSS to give our constituents an additional channel to get content from us. Although we don't have a technology infrastructure within our current CMS, we decided to figure out a way to deliver RSS content anyway!

By utilizing Icerocket's RSS publishing tools, our new Subscription Page gives users the ability to subscribe in multiple formats to multiple feeds. We've leveraged our existing content partner relationships and thrown in a mix of custom created content to create the Health News feed, the Society News feed, and best of all - the BloodCancerCast - a podcast of sorts that leverages audio converted from our live teleconference service. Not only is BloodCancerCast available in real audio format (streaming), the files are were converted to MP3 and are available for download.

We utilized the RSS concept to go a step further with the Podcast - by using Audioblog, we were also able to easily add new files - and even cooler - we're on iTunes as well!

We've just recently launched this - but we'll be integrated these feeds "everywhere" including our e-mail newsletters and throughout our web sites.

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