Monday, February 12, 2007


It feels like I've been beating the "authenticity" drum for ages (I have) and that folks just don't seem to get it. Either that or they are a bunch of posers.

After watching Obama on 60 minutes and reading the first few chapters of his latest book, I believe that this guy is the real thing. What's left to be seen is if he can be a real person running a presidential campaign.

This terrific blog post has more on the subject, and Obama's opportunity.

“Building a ‘genuine relationship’ with your supporter base online doesn’t mean simply writing the same boring emails, but writing them yourself. No, it means writing to your supporters from the campaign trail in the same way that you might write to your spouse (without the smoochy stuff) or to a close friend: tell them the exciting things you experienced that day, what they made you think of, a joke you heard, and what occurred to you is really at stake. Some emails could be four pages, and some could be four sentences. Maybe sometimes you should just send a picture you snapped yourself. If you write to people like that, I promise you, they will go nuts."

I'm not making any political statements with this post - I'm simply reiterating to all you non-profit marketing types that authenticity should be job #1 - everything else comes next.

While I'm harping, check out a terrific post by fellow blogger Carey Paris over at Katya's Non-Profit Marketing blog.



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