Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Advocacy Launch and Strategy

We're getting ready to re-launch an advocacy action center on our main Web site. Replacing a legacy vendor and a set of disconnected web forms with a full fledged action center is not as big a challenge as you might think. That said, since I'm not an advocacy expert, I started digging around to get educated on what's new with mobilizing advocates online.

I came across a recent study that blew me away - after reading this, I'm convinced that we can dramatically increase our direct onling giving totals by combining a very active advocacy initiative, high levels of personalization and relevancy and targeted emails. Plus, we'll have an entire new set of metrics to measure against (# of actions taken) .

I hope that Kintera can ultimately provide a flexible enough toolset, given that we've committed to their platform for advocacy and are going to launch in less than a month!

Sorry for the long delay in between posts, I'm working on about a jazillion things at once :)

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