Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Speaking Opportunity For You!

Here's a great chance to raise your visibility and participate in a terrific conference... I'm leading two sessions at the upcoming NTEN conference (Washington D.C. April 4-6, 2007) and need help!

I've already got initial commitments from several super smart non-profit marketers and consultants to help me out but I need a few more to round things out... in particular if you are are a NPO marketer (not agency or consultant since I've got a few of these already) I'd be happy to invite you participate with us.

The speaking gig pays nothing and you'll pay to get into the conference, but if you want a chance to stand up in front of your peers, this is it! Email me directly at msirkin(at) and we can chat... in your email, let me know which one of the two sessions you are interested in:

1. Not Your Mother's Online Fundraising Campaign

Email is SO yesterday. Well, it'll probably be around for a few more years, but in terms of online fundraising, there are literally dozens of new strategies you can use to reach your stakeholders. In this session we'll highlight some of the latest technologies and the circumstances under which they are most successful. We'll bring up blogs, video appeals, keywords, text messaging and more.

  1. An tour of the newest tools and strategies for online fundraising
  2. Tips and tricks for implementing these strategies
  3. Case studies from the sector

2. Selecting an Online Fundraising Technology: Larger Organizations

Many times an organization quickly jumps into the question of which technology to choose without first defining what they need and what the organization will need to do in order to achiee the benefits of the technology. This session will review how to define your organization's technology needs, what changes your organization will need to make, and how to review available solutions. An organization that has recently made a technology solution decision will discuss the approach they used, lessons learned, and their satisfaction with the outcome.

  1. Translating your business processes into a needs document
  2. Tools for evaluating the options
  3. Resources for implementation.
Let me know as soon as you can!



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