Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Facebook Application Usage

I came across a chart in the WSJ this week that showed 'Top Friends' vs 'SuperPoke' on Facebook.

The numbers are astoundingly large. The top 3 in order are*:

  1. Top Friends 6.2 million users
  2. Movies 5.2 millon
  3. SuperPoke 3.6 million
What's even more incredible about these numbers is the penetration among all U.S. Facebook users. The Top Friends app has and 18.5% share. Amazing.

I realize everyone in "non-profit land" is trying to figure out how to use this marketing machine to find new donors and engage constituents - but I think the thing here is that these apps are all ego driven. Comparing yourself to others, listing your favorite songs and posting up funny graffiti for friends is one thing - these apps all appeal to our innate sense of "me, me me."

Whether you should (or even can) flip the model to make an application that is about your organization is still a big question in my own mind... but is something I've been doing more and more thinking about lately.

*Statistics source: Wall Street Journal/comScore Widget Metrix


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