Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Book Review - Robin Hood Marketing

Katya Andresen's new book "Robin Hood Marketing - Stealing Corporate Savvy to Sell Just Causes" is a great book about the basics of marketing. It's chock full of case studies and is organized with a simple and effective metaphor (Shooting an arrow).

I read the majority of this book while traveling to San Diego to help staff Team In Training over this past weekend. From my earlier posts, you can tell that I've been thinking hard about the brand experience that Team In Training provides - and this book reminded me on several levels of how the marketing actions we take affect the overall experience that our donors, participants, staff and others have with us.

It's great when you read a book and it confirms and supports the things that you know to be true - but haven't been doing enough of (Seth Godin's writing for example can come off as extremely simple thinking - but that's the point isn't it?).

Personally, I thought that the best thing about this book is how Katya's explains and shows why no one cares about "THE CAUSE." She accurately points out how NPO's often forget that there is more to marketing our charity than just selling the cause. We need to learn to "swallow the cause" & be able to see and feel what our constituents want. The book provides terrific examples and interviews to help explain this better than I just did.

Additionally, her "CRAM" acronym should help anyone break down their marketing messages with terrific results.

C - establish a connection
R - promise a reward
A - inspire action
M - stick in memory

For Team In Training... here's how that translates:

C - establish a connection - The Experience of a Lifetime slogan establishes a connection to the right type of person (a person crazy enough to run a marathon for example!)

R - promise a reward - we'll give you professional level training to complete the event of your choice

A - inspire action - our coaches will inspire you, coach you and cajole you into becoming a marathoner while our mentors will help you raise money to support the mission. Our honored patients will give you motivation to keep going when the going gets tough... like the t-shirt says - "If you think running a marathon is hard, try chemotherapy"

M - stick in memory - the moment that you cross the finish line, your life will be transformed forever.

Katya breaks down some very complex things in easily accessible ways including how to do research, multi-channel marketing and campaign execution. Definitely worth the read!

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