Monday, October 02, 2006

Games for Health - What's Next

I mentioned in my first post that I am trying to figure out how LLS should or should not be involved with games/interactive experiences - I don't yet have the answer, but I do have the initial proposition.

I started talking to different people at the conference about how to build an argument for games around outcomes - and I got a series of very consistent answers that revolve around 2 core themes:

1. There is mounting evidence that games/interactive experiences can have very definitive and clinically sound success in driving knowledge and self-efficiacy around health issues.

2. Organizations that intend to solve big problems need to start to innovate (look at how poorly we've done with obesity for example), or they risk obsolecense. Combined with the "proof of life" I've gathered at the conference - and in light of our shiny new 5 year strategic plan, this one will either garner me a standing ovation, or go over like a lead balloon.

As I construct an initiation of games/interactive experience for my colleagues, these 2 core concepts will form the cornerstone and foundation for how I position things. This does not however, mean that we will be developing games! I need to flush several different strategies. Our ability to reach patients and caregivers could mean that LLS should be a game aggregator for cancer related games and tools (in some ways we already do this via links and content on our web site).

That said, microgames could easily be a way for us to develop games very quickly that have very specific and measurable outcomes around a very specific topic or issue. We can also look to use microgames for brand awareness, word of mouth and event recruiting.

As things develop, I of course will post more... GAME ON!

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