Wednesday, March 07, 2007

MTA Does It Again

In a previous post, I blogged about how the MTA delivered a wonderful newsletter. Since then, I've gotten another issue from them and two wonderful little surprises.

On two occasions, the train has been late into Grand Central. Both times, as I boarded the 5:01 back to Bridgeport, there were flyers on all the seats apologizing for the delays.

"An Explanation For This Morning's Delays" was the bold headline. The flyer went on to describe in detail why the train was late.

Not only did they deliver an explanation, they gave me a phone number and a web address to visit for more info.

I'm impressed at so many levels. MTA could easily thumb their noses at their customers - after all - am I REALLY going to drive to NYC everyday?

I'm guessing MTA doesn't have a secret Intranet anywhere (read this and you'll probably never walk into Best Buy again, I promise).

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