Friday, October 05, 2007

Keepin On, Keepin On

So busy here my head hurts!

I sent out an advocacy e-mail yesterday to about 55,000 people. 2 noteworthy things happened.

First, we cross promoted the GuluWalk to our advocacy list. It seemed/felt very odd promoting another organization's fundraising event and still does a little bit. That said, I used GuluWalk's online fundraising tools to create a TeamIRC (US, Canada and International) to try to keep our brand growing. We've had quite a response, signing up about 25 people so far - and raising a few bucks to boot. I've noticed organizations like Worldvision and Save the Children cross promote different advocacy events before, and had always wanted to try it. It feels good to represent a brand that is willing to promote it's partnerships.

Secondly, we've been working closely with a company called Collactive. In the same advocacy e-mail we included this copy:

The United States has failed in its pledge to provide refuge to thousands of extremely vulnerable Iraqi civilians, including those who worked for Americans in Iraq and whose lives are at grave risk as a result.

Of 4 million uprooted Iraqi civilians in desperate need of help, only a paltry 1,608 refugees were admitted into the United States this year.

Read Anna Husarska's LATimes op-ed and click Act Now! to email it to the U.S. Government.

When users clicked on "Act Now!" they were taken to a Collactive generated interface which allowed them to forward the story to the U.S. Government. Because Collactive's system uses the actual site (LATimes in this case), our story was suddenly #2 on the most emailed stories. A day later (i.e. right now - we're #1). How cool is that?

Yes, the traffic is not to our site - and yes - the latimes article doesn't have a link to our site (but does list our URL) so results are impossible to track. But that said - an important mission story went from invisible, to very visible by simply utilizing our advocacy email list.

Click the pics below to get a full screen view.

#1 emailed story on

#1 emailed story on

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