Monday, November 06, 2006

Widget Mania other Other Musings

  • Check out what Beth has been busy with - and get a wealth of terrific new ideas to spread awareness and maybe even raise few sheckles with some neat widgets.
  • I just finished reading "Mavericks at Work" and plan to do a full review of this amazingly terrific book. This book officially replaces Guy Kawasaki's "Rules for Revolutionaries" as my favorite biz book of all time.
  • Did anyone see this amazing article in the NYT about "(Virtual) Worlds?" Holy moly! SL is like the grand daddy of PR pile-ons. The glare from my avatar's bald head is hurting my eyes.
  • Finally, the NP Times has an article about gaming and NPOs. I didn't realize that the person who chatted me up at the conference was working with the NP Times. Thank god I didn't say anything that would get me in trouble, I hope.

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