Friday, February 22, 2008

Marketing as a Conversation

Phew! Just got done this morning over coffee reading Joseph Jaffe's "Join the Conversation."

Jaffe is relentless (yay!) about the new marketing and how it is transforming marketing and brand management/building.

If I had been lucky enough to get to put a quote on the book jacket (maybe he can open that up to a wiki on his next book, why stop at the cover?) I would have *maybe* said this:

"This book (and the author) is so relentless and passionate about new marketing that it practically forces you to start a blog and a conversation with your customers before you even finish it."
Ok, seriously though, Jaffe lays out the case and makes it time and time again with examples, case studies and a workbook like approach that includes manifestos, checklists and planners.

As I was reading, I took a few notes knowing that I was going to blog about it when I finished. The problem is, my notes ended up being pages and pages long, almost every chapter had a nugget or thought I wanted to capture and remember.

That said, I will simply agree with Jaffe's "one thing to take from the book" which was that It's never too late to join the conversation.

Disclaimer: As part of the "marketing" for Join The Conversation (and in full disclosure), Jaffe is also running a program he calls, UNM2PNM (Use New Media To Prove New Media) where he gave away 150 copies of the book to bloggers (yes, that's me, and yes this is me blogging on my own free will about something I really enjoyed).

I'm now 3 for 3 on business books in 2008. Made to Stick, Meatball Sundae and Join the Conversation. It's like the new branding trilogy.


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