Friday, February 10, 2006

Team In Training Film School

We're getting ready to jump into the wacky world of "Word of Mouth" marketing with a new promotion called "Team In Training Film School" - the concept is that we want aspiring filmmakers (although it could be anyone) to create unique and fun videos featuring Team In Training.

We'll be creating storyboards for a sample video, and asking for submissions for us to utilize in an online ad campaign, as well as using it at our event kickoffs and parties.

It's very "Project Greenlight" in many ways - and has the feel of something that could be really fun and exciting for the entire Society.

We shall see.

Visit the TNT Film School Blog for more...

2/16/2005 Update
We're going with a set of consumer/free tools with this entire project - I'm using Blogger to create the blog/web site, to host the videos and Google analytics for site analysis. We're going to leverage our existing account to post official videos to the site as well. It should be interesting to see what happens when using these services. The upside is that I created the entire concept myself using freely available sites and technologies - the downside is that none of it is on our own servers!

3/15/2006 Update
Finally, it's live! After going through an extended set of "conversations" with legal, we're ready to go... next up is - how to promote it. We've been looking at reaching out to influencers but it's a time consuming process to identify folks and reach out to them.