Monday, April 07, 2008


As many of you know, I've had a major shift in career strategy about a month ago. I took a job with Microsoft (yea, yea, I know... evil empire, borg, assimilation etc...) and am leaving for now, the non-profit arena after 7 years.

I'm sad to write that this blog is on hiatus until perhaps I join the board of a non-profit (it could happen!) or decide to come back.

I *may* be starting a new blog, focused on social marketing, but haven't come up with a good name yet. I'm also busy finding my way at the giant known as Microsoft. Comments remain open, thought it seems that my blog has become ground zero for Runescape gold advertisers. Feel free to chime in or peruse the archives.

You can always follow my adventures on Twitter if you feel so inclined. Somehow, I am sure this is not good bye but more like a pause in programming.

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