Monday, January 07, 2008

Change This and Change That

I was playing the Barack Obama "Change" game last night and realized that I never followed up on my ch-ch-ch Changes blog post from a few days ago.

Very simply, I'm leaving my current post as Chief Marketing Officer at the end of January. A big part of the reason I made the jump from the "for profit" world to the "not for profit" world was to be a change maker, someone who was passionately using new technologies to affect real change in the world around us. I think I can make a bigger difference as a consultant and contractor than I can make as an employee of a single organization.

I'm trying to decide which direction to run in next (i.e. go out on my own or join a consulting firm) and until then, I'll be doing some individual consulting work.

I'll be focusing my efforts in 3 specific areas where I know I can create immediate impact for both "for profits" and "not for profit businesses."

  1. Core messaging and usability of your web site/online properties (i.e. how to align your web site with your business priorities)
  2. Online event fundraising optimization and strategies
  3. Social networking strategies and tactics (building audiences, traffic and sales/donations)

I have other capabilities of course, including a keen interest in emerging technologies and platforms like mobile and virtual gaming/reality, as well as lots of ideas on organizations structure and how to best optimize your organization for marketing success.

If you need my help, want to hire me, write an article, give your organization a presentation or just want to chit chat, contact me.